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About us


We aim to be a leading steel pipes manufacturer and supplier for both domestically and Internationally.


To enhance and optimize our operational performance so as to produce and provide high quality products and services to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Get to know our company

Leform was incorporated in 1995 and it’s principle activity is involved in the manufacturing of Electric Resistance Welding (“ERW”) steel tubes for the furniture industry and commercial usage.

For more than a decade since it’s inception, Leform grew from strength to strength and, today, Leform is reckoned as a formidable force in Malaysia, both for supporting the furniture manufacturing industry, commercial pipes usages and a leading supplier to the automotive industry.

Leform is aspiring to raise the quality of its products by introducing cutting edge technology for its production. As a result of its in-house research and development efforts, Leform has developed new techniques and processes for its production over the years. It is also the goal of Leform to build a high quality and skilful human assets through manpower improvement programs and trainings, coupled with, the recruitment of skilled professionals & field experts externally.

Additionally, Leform has expanded its range of products to include high end mechanical tubing or Cold Drawn Tubes (“CD”), providing high quality steel pipes of CD ranges for the automotive industry and other niche markets such as specialized engineering applications and other structural applications.

Managing Director Statement

Leform Group is a relatively young company specialized in producing Electric Resistance Welding (“ERW”) steel tubes mainly for the furniture industry and other commercial usage. Over the years, with the commitment and dedication of our workforce, Leform Group has transformed from a relatively small company to a leading steel pipes manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia.

In order to cater for its rapid growth in term of turnover and output level, Leform Group has moved its operations to its new office-cum-factory site in Sg. Choh, Rawang in July, 2009. The new factory provides not only a more conducive working environment for the staff but has also greatly enhanced its production capacity to meet the burgeoning demand for its products, driven by economic growth in the region.

The Group continues to invest substantially in research & development and quality assurance to ensure a continuous flow of new range of high quality products are made available to the existing and new marketplace, locally as well as overseas. We aim to widen our customer base besides furniture manufacturers, hardware merchants, construction companies and others.

We hold deeply that understanding our customers and meeting our customers’ expectation is our key business objective and responsibility. We endeavour to produce high quality products and services that exceed the expectation of our customers. Our products are now accepted by the Automotive Industry, which is a testimony of our quality input.

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